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    Sungai Wang (HK, PRC)

    Chateh and Sungai Wang are two restaurants in Hong Kong that perfectly represent Asian cuisine. The 7,000 square-foot space consists of a Chinese Chiu Chow restaurant and a Malaysian Seafood restaurant. Despite being set alongside each other, there will be two different entrances ac- cessible from the shopping mall. The refurbishment of the two restaurants aims to create a modern and distinct façade in terms of appearance, all while being distinctive so that they could represent the cuisine they serve.

    The two restaurants have commonly used vertical wood slats as base materials, but have been executed differently to distinguish between the cultures they aim to represent. The wood has also been used to signify the notions of cleanliness, simplicity and freshness.

    Setting Centre stage is 3 round baskets, separating the entries to the two eateries. The diagonal strip patterns on each baskets forms a textural play with light, as well as the audience as they move along it when entering the eateries.

    Front space, which is usually the worst space in a restaurant, is as a result turned in a private VIP room, giving the drive to make the customers want to sit there, as well as creating a visual icon to the shopfront.

    The basket also gives two distinctive experiences to the 2 restaurants, on the Chateh side, customers will sees its morphing structure as they want along the corridor, and on the Sungai Wang side, customers could actually eat inside these baskets. The design thus creates an ambience where the two eateries have a common feature, yet are individual in nature.

    Chateh is mainly catered to a younger and international clientele, given its niche and modern touch. The orange-leatherette décor is inspired by a Chinese village, surrounded by a number of undulating roofscapes. There is also a range of seating options offered for diners, to break down the monotony of the space. There is a series of booths with curving canopies across the perimeter as well as freestanding booth seatings, providing a more intimate setting. The aim is to make use of everyspace in a restaurant to be desirable for a customers to sit on.

    The décor of Sungai Wang is inspired by traditional Malaysian culture, incorporating olive green designs of fishing baskets from a seaside resort, customers actually gets to eat inside these curvilinear structures inspired by fishing baskets. also representative of the authentic seafood experi- ence they hope diners will enjoy.